Friday, September 10, 2010

Summer Fatigue

I've heard the phrase natsubate - 夏ばて - summer fatigue - so often here. I got the impression that it just meant heat or sun stroke, until I found this article through Just Hungry. Finally, an explaination as to why I've been feeling so strange for the past month! Its a sense of chronic lethargy, nausea at times, that extended spells in an air conditioned room can't cure (as the article says, this can make it worse! I, my chapped lips, dry skin and deep husky voice can attest to that!). 
So in an attempt to cure myself, I made the beautiful salad featured with the article. Mine's nowhere near as beautiful as the real thing (for lack of ingredients... and the fact that I knew I would just be inhaling it within seconds of taking these photos)

Japan's seafood never ceases to amaze me. I try to time my trip to the supermarket around 6pm, when all the fresh seafood starts to go on sale, but before its picked over and drying at the edges. I picked up 10 prawns for only 150yen - about NZ$2.40! 
The best part of the salad was the dressing - I can't get enough of seasame seeds and luckily Japan shares my obsession. I don't eat chicken, so replaced it with sliced up inari (a type of deep fried tofu, intended for making inari-sushi but I love it in any kind of stirfry). I also worked with the vegetables I already had, just lettuce and cucumber. 
Deliciously light and summery, but substantial enough because of the noodles - I feel a slight coolness in the air already! Bring on Autumn!

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